Фидляфоксивые копипасты ;-)

Драсте. Это копипасты с фидлей. Перевод я решил не делать, т.к гугл переводчиком переводится криво, а с моим переводом вы почуствуете дикий кринж. Если не понимаете нифига, просто сами запихайте текст в переводчик)
И да, прежде чем это читать, рекомендую прочитать инфу про предательство Inebrias
Была такая художница, под ником Fiddleafox. Она общалась с челом под ником Inebriass, которого считала нормальным человеком, с которым иногда переписывалась. В сентябре 2020 у них завязался разговор про расизм в "Зверополисе", и разговор зашёл о том, что большинство преступников там имеют чёрный цвет меха, и кто-то вспомнил, что на ранних этапах производства этого мульта, все хищники должны были носить шоковые ошейники. И спустя несколько сообщений, fiddleafox отправила сообщение "black people need to wear shock collars or they'll fly into a murderous rage and rape your daughters". Спустя некоторое время (22-23 июля 2021) Inebriass разослал некоторым людям её слова. Fiddleafox начали приходить угрозы и прочее, но она не понимала, что это и почему, так как тот разговор она уже забыла, так как он был довольно давно, к тому же когда начали приходить сообщения, у неё была ночь. Когда она поняла, что её переписку разослали (причём только с её стороны, сообщения Inebriass были удалены), она начала оправдываться, что это вырвано из контекста, но ей не особо поверили. Также, её начали обвинять в трансфобии и ацефобии из-за других сообщений. И в конце концов, fiddleafox написала твит о том, что больше не вернётся в социальные сети. Спустя месяц, 24 Августа, она сделала твит, содержащий только ссылку на пост в Патреон. В комментах некоторые люди писали, типа "Я расист, Я ухожу от соц. сетей, Плати мне", но были и комменты поддержки. В этом посту из Патреона она всё подробно написала, и сказала, что возможно вернётся, но не в Твиттер, и возможно, останется в Патреоне. Сейчас точно не знаю, что с ней, но как мне говорили остальные, что сейчас у неё всё нормально, хотя последняя публикация была в Сентябре.
Прочитали?) Okay, lets gooo

Грязные мыслишки про удушение

God I hope Averi breaks into my house during Christmas. Just imagine her breaking into my house just to tie me up and make me her slave. And you know what? I wouldn't mind that happening because Averi is the best Christmas gift anyone can think of. God I want her to make fun of my erect penis and unknowingly to her rub on it while she struggles to suffocate me . After she finally succeeds in killing me, she can have the entire house and the rest of the presents I received for Christmas. I don't care if she burns it down because I know that I would do pretty much anything I can think of for her. Even if it was suffocating myself so she wouldn't have to struggle. She has no idea how much I love her

Грязные мыслишки про поедание (капец в начале)
Далее - конспирологические теории

Why I LOVE fiddleafox: I LOVE fiddleafox with a passion. SHe is the best thing to ever be thought of on this earth. I dont kow why.... maybe its her soft, supple fur to keep me warm at night while I cuddle with her and we lick each others ears... or maybe its her love for chicken sandwiches, the way she craves for them every day like shes going to die without them. GOD DAMMIT i wish i was one of her chicken sandwiches i NEED to be shoved into her mouth after being grabbed by her cute paws and i NEED to go into her digestive system. I need to be in there, in her warm stomach slowly being consumed and broken down by stomach acids so I can be slid out of her tight butthole as a big, long, stinky, wet, and brown piece of poop. I could think about that all day...
Have you ever thought to yourself, what is the meaning of life? Its a question may think every day, is the meaing of life to reproduce and keep the human race alive? Is it to just be happy? What is it? I think I know why the human race was created. Fiddleafox Averi. Im sure you all know that Averi is a fox right? (she is a fox) and what is a food that foxes eat (or try to eat) every day? Chickens, and it jsut happens to be that Averis favorite food is chicken sandwiches. "But why doesnt she just eat regular chickens?" Its obvious, she is an anthropomorphic animal, or a furry for short. So that meas shes pretty much human but has the characteristics of a fox. WHat does this have to do with a foxes favorite food? Have you ever heard of the question; Did the chicken or the egg come first. While there ist really a definitive answer to that question, many scientists believe that the egg came first. I know this is all very confusing but here is my answer to be meaning of life (in an extended form)
In a character info art that fiddle made regarding the start of how Averi was created, (god.jpeg) she said "It all started 360 years ago when the ocean was very shallow...) meaning that Averi is some type of diety that lives forever. Referring back to the chicken and the egg, averis favorite food is chicken, and the CHICKEN and the EGG problem has both a chicken and an egg. Also, in one of fiddles art, she depicts averi as a cat about to consume one of her close friends, meaning that averi is willing to consume people she is close to. This is all very confusing, I know. So putting Averi being really old, Her favorite food being chicken, and her being willing to eat a friend means that Averi is the universe/beginning of everything (the EGG of the universe) and we are all alive because of her and our purpose is to keep the universe (Averi) alive by competing against each other, even against friends, to stay alive. So in conclusion, we are all just pawns serving to keep Averi alive and we are alive because of Averi. That is my theory to the meaning of life. Thank you.

Описание Авери как воплощение совершенства. Ну а как же без фетишей)

Averi is so hot. Never have I ever seen a furry character hotter than her. She is more than a fox drawing to me, she is a person. She is a little tease but she's basically my wife. Fiddleafox knows what she did with that fox. The aesthetic paired with her demeanor make her such an attractive character. Nothing gets me going better than a racist little fox woman. Every inch of her is so hot. Her thighs up to her mouth and her eyes. Every inch of her is perfection incarnate. I would fly across the world if she was real just to feel the intimacy between us. I crave more than lustful fantasies with her, I seek deep romantic involvement. The craftsmanship of her character surpasses everything I expected from fiddleafox. The choice of color with her eyes and fur is perfect . She is my wife, and nothing dissuades me from this

Чел страдает, и постоянно думает о Авери (даже умереть не может)

Every time I see brown I think of Averi’s legs. Every time I see beige I think of her fur. Every time I see green I think of her eyes. Every time I see white I think of her fluffy chest. I can’t stop thinking of her. Any object associated with her makes me think of her. Every time I see a sandwich I think of her eating it. If I ever meet her would buy all the chicken sandwiches in the world for her. I can’t stop thinking of her. I’m once again thinking about jumping out of the window or maybe hanging myself to guarantee my death, but she just stops me. She doesn’t let me do it. I just want to meet her in heaven, but she doesn’t let me do it. I just can’t do this anymore.

Чел хочет сделать всё, чтобы увидеть Авери (шиза в помощь)

So i think I'm obsessed with Averi. Everyday I think of Averi. Everyday my day is filled with Averi thoughts. The only thing motivates me in life is Averi. I work for Averi. I move for Averi. The only reason I'm eating for is to see Averi later. Not an hour passes without me thinking of Averi. I dream of Averi. The only thing left in my mind is Averi. I have no goals but to see Averi. And yes, I don't mind if Averi cutted my fingers one by one. It would be my pleasure if Averi used my body as her training dummy even her own slave. I don't have any problem licking her feets everday while being in a cage or even being kicked in the ass for fun while eating her food from the floor. The time I stare at Averi is the time where I can feel my heart other than pain in my sick body. Even if somehow I managed to get a medicine I won't take it unless Averi said so. I'll do anything if Averi said so even if it was trying to kill myself again then I'll gladly hold the same knife as before and if I didn't find it again I'll just have to find another way. If Averi wanted me to be her own toy I'll make sure to make her feel good in every way possible. If Averi wanted me to leave her I'll listen to what she said and will return to my depression hole. If Averi said that I must stop looking at her nsfw pics and shemale version of her fucking me in the ass then I'll do as she wish. I've never been in love with someone but the moment I saw Averi while hearing her calm voice...my eyes cried while staring at her smile...the feeling when I hear Averi saying she will hate blacks is far more pleasureful from seeing her smile in the nsfw arts...even if people said Averu is underage and I won't be underage forever I will always dream of her...her long tail in her pajama in our bed while our kids are sleeping and me staring at Averi's beauty while she is asleep at 5 am where I wake up for the day and the sun still didn't come on Averi's face so I can close my eyes to dream about her once again. Even if everyone one said I must stop this. I simply won't unless it's Averi herself of course. And with all my brain knowing how Averi is just another fictional character my heart can't stop this love feeling with the more my body gets sick the more I look at Averi arts and only by thinking of her motivates me to even do exercises that my body won't handle. Even knowing how fake my feelings toward everything. I know my love for Averi won't be fake anytime soon and even the time my head can't see the letters I'll complete this with I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH AVERI I'LL DO MY BEST JUST TO CREATE EVEN A VIRTUAL REALITY WHERE ME AND HER ALONE EXIST.

А далее животные из семейства Фидляфакеров)))

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